Erminia and I at Wind River Range
Erminia (left) and me (right) at the Wind River Range

What is OutTraverse?

OutTraverse is a blog that follows the outdoor adventures of me (Nick), Erminia (my girlfriend), and Zeus (our dog). We are backpackers from Salt Lake City, UT trying to explore the most extraordinary backcountry in America. I started this site to document our trips and offer you advice on how you can make the most out of them. With each new trip, I write a detailed guide or a trip report filled with first-hand photos and information I wish I had known ahead of time.

Zeus being Zeus
Zeus being Zeus

The Team

Nick: I am an avid backpacker obsessed with southern Utah and Google Maps. Naturally, I spend a crapton of time trying to identify the most obscure routes I can find.

Erminia: Erminia and I have been dating for three years and joins me on these trips when time permits (University of Utah Nurse Midwifery graduate student). I love her and her sense of adventure!

Zeus: A backcountry adventurer in training, Zeus is three years old, still learning how to sit, and is a pit bull terrified of everything. One day, he will accompany us on our trips once he gets his shit together.